More Bandwidth – Less Cost

Bandwidth Solutions That Save You Money from ITG Networks.

ITG’s Multi-WAN Solution incorporates an “appliance” with both hardware and software that sits between multiple ISP links and the Guest Internet Access server, which manages Internet connectivity for the rooms. It allocates bandwidth from all available Internet links – Fiber, Cable Modem, etc. – seamlessly. This bandwidth solution allows a hotel to link low cost high bandwidth Internet connections with a dedicated high reliability Internet connections for low cost and high reliability.

For example, a Fiber connection to the Internet is highly reliable but at high cost. A cable modem connection offers low cost per megabit, but is less reliable. With Multi-WAN Solution from ITG Networks, your guest network can be upgraded to more than double the bandwidth of a 50M fiber connection by combining the technologies. The cost of the solution is quickly recovered in cost savings compared to other ways of increasing Internet bandwidth.

Guests are demanding more bandwidth and hotels are faced with adding additional dedicated bandwidth at a cost of $1000.00 or more per month and possibly still not solving the problem. By adding ITG’s bandwidth solution, hotels can add only a Cable Modem and/or alternate best effort circuit to create a reliable increase in bandwidth availability.

If one link to the Internet should fail, the Multi-WAN Solution instantly moves all Internet traffic to the surviving link. When both links are available, it automatically routes traffic to use all available bandwidth.

For more bandwidth and less worries contact ITG Networks at 877-934-4636.

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