You now have front row seats to Butler County’s Osprey nest – witness exclusive, unseen moments into the lives of the Osprey, also commonly known as “fish hawk”.

ITG Networks lent a hand in this exciting project to create a live stream that watches over a rare pair of nesting Ospreys. This project was made possible by the Moraine Preservation Fund and Butler County Tourism and Convention Bureau. ITG was happy to assist by providing the installation.

Building on our expertise in installing Voice, Data, and CCTV security systems for the hospitality industry, we were up for the challenge of this highly custom CCTV installation. We were happy to donate our services in a way that contributes to the continued success of these ospreys. For this installation, we brought in a 60’ crane, installed a custom bracing system with audio and video control for the camera that was mounted 60’ off of the ground. The remote installation included a solar-powered battery box and cellular data connection. The installation of this osprey cam was a true team effort and we want to extend a thank you to our employees and partners who volunteered to assist with the project.


The osprey nesting pole and platform are located on the north shore of Lake Arthur at Moraine State Park. For now, the live stream can be seen here from 7am to 7pm daily:

You can also find it at the Moraine Preservation Fund and the Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau websites!

More info about the project:
Having established an Osprey Reintroduction Program in June of 1993, Moraine Preservation Fund (MPF) – a non-profit organization led by volunteers who educate the public and aid in maintaining natural resources – has been integral in recovering osprey throughout this region. Twenty four years and six fledglings later, the MPF received a grant from the Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau so that the greater community could witness the success of these hawks’ recovery.